Three Things to Do When Visiting Oklahoma

I would like to start this blog by showcasing Oklahoma.  It’s where I grew up and where a piece of my heart still lives. Oklahoma isn’t what you would think of as a tourist destination necessarily. It’s been termed a flyover state, buckle of the bible belt and the place where the Pioneer Woman dwells. The richness of beauty and the kindness of the people make me proud to say this is where I grew up. Here are three things to do when visiting Oklahoma.

I grew up in a town called Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  To me, that name has a bit of magic to it. Sometimes I long for the sound of the wind that blows with both a force and often a whisper, but it’s always there. At certain times of the year, you can stand outside and feel the temperature drop almost 30 degrees! The warm wind will blow one way and then a cool wind will whip across you in an opposite direction and you know both a cold front came in and a tornado is probably close behind.

I could tell tales of the magic of this land all day, but we are here to discuss fun things to do if you have found yourself in my beautiful home state.

1. The Mercantile in Pawhuska

Ree Drummond is the author of The Pioneer Woman, a blog about life on the Oklahoma frontier. In fact, she has made blogging a career. She has also revived an area of Oklahoma! She has made Pawhuska a tourist destination!!! Okies can get mad at me if you want but when did you visit Pawhuska prior to its revival?




My brother found this carriage. It’s located across the street from the restaurant. I love the way the colors look here. We were here during the fires of April 2018, hence the cool glow effect.






I had the grilled cheese bites and tomato soup.





Cora banged on the keys of an old piano set out on the main street of Pawhuska.




And this was me on a warm Spring day in Pawhuska!

April 2018


2.  The Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks


I haven’t been in Jenks in over 20 years. It looked like a completely different town. It’s been built up beautifully. I like how it’s been updated to fit the town. It doesn’t look like every other strip mall in America, there is still a sense of local personality and I have found myself missing that through the years. I say this as the strip mall across the street puts in another Stone Fire Grill that looks like every other one of their grills. I mean, I understand branding, it’s just disappointing when it takes away from the personality of the locals.

Being that I live in California, you would probably assume I would think our aquariums are superior. I mean, come on, they are awesome! But this little jewel, located in the middle of the darn plains, is definitely something to brag about. Holy smokes! This place is much bigger than I thought it would be and they have some really cool stuff. Here are a few photos:


There is a glass cave full of sharks!


And also Jellyfish!


3.  This one you can see anywhere in the state and it is a sight to behold!


The grand, always beautiful, Oklahoma sunset!

I live in Southern California with my husband and daughter. I am an actress. I love yoga, coffee, tea, hiking and the sea.

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