I live in Southern California with my husband and daughter. I am an actress. I love yoga, coffee, tea, hiking and the sea.

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    How to be Thankful in Challenging Times

    Year after year Thanksgiving rolls around and we are told to be thankful, to find reasons to be thankful, and sometimes that can be really hard. Whether we have lost someone, lost a dream, a home, a job, anything that we were holding onto that is now gone, it can be hard to give thanks. I am currently grateful for what I have. I’m writing this because 12 years ago I really could have used this. Twelve years ago, I was catering an event at Paul Stanley’s house. It was the first Thanksgiving I had ever worked and I only worked so I could be around my boyfriend at the…

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    Predictably Inconsistent

      Predictably inconsistent has been the story of my life since I joined the motherhood. It’s been difficult for me to maintain concentration on much and I have been incredibly hard on myself for that. One thing that has been standard for me in all of this time has been my ability to show up for my kid. So, while, I may not be rocking any kind of desirable career, I have been working full time as a mom/wife/domestic goddess and I feel like I’m doing pretty good at that. Another thing I have been consistent with is self work. I’m from the generation where you keep that you are…

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    Three Things to Do When Visiting Oklahoma

    I would like to start this blog by showcasing Oklahoma.  It’s where I grew up and where a piece of my heart still lives. Oklahoma isn’t what you would think of as a tourist destination necessarily. It’s been termed a flyover state, buckle of the bible belt and the place where the Pioneer Woman dwells. The richness of beauty and the kindness of the people make me proud to say this is where I grew up. Here are three things to do when visiting Oklahoma. I grew up in a town called Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  To me, that name has a bit of magic to it. Sometimes I long for…