Welcome to my page! Some part of the internet brought you here and I would hate to disappoint with some boring drivel, so, I’m going to make this long story as short as I possibly can…

I was born and raised in the quaint little Oklahoma town called Broken Arrow. My parents are still married. I’m married and I married a guy who is a lot like me…part Okie/ part Californian.

I was a gymnast turned cheerleader turned track athlete turned radio DJ/turntable mixer who finally went on to college cheerleading and beauty pageants.

After leaving college I moved to Dallas, TX. I worked in production, did plays and lots of promo modeling. But I really wanted to be an actress so…

I moved to Los Angeles with nothing but 10,000 in the bank and u-haul full of dreams. I booked a role in a movie that got nominated for an Emmy and then I fell into a deep depression for a long time.

During said depression I worked full time as an event model and I was a bottle service waitress. I traveled doing tradeshows and events and it was a lonely and sad time. I hated it.

So I became a bartender. I still do it and I’m pretty damn good at it. I work in a steak house two to three times a week and it’s a great getaway for a stay at home mom.

I also work with people on their fitness. If you are an actor it should be your main concern. Your body is your storefront. If you are a human, same thing. Your body is all you own so fucking own it. Treat it like it’s celestial.

I’m 42. I’m proof that the world stays interesting if you stay interested in it.

Hope that summed up whatever you needed in an about me.

In regards to the acting thing… I have an agent. I have current headshots. I’m union ish and with all of that under my belt, I still don’t feel like much of an actor.